• Capoferro Interiors

Mod Redux


The reinvention of this 1970s home demonstrates what can be accomplished through a well-designed renovation. Inspiration for this project was drawn from a range of mid-century modern to current design trends. In every detail, materials were used in their natural beauty to complete the design. This design incorporates a careful use of wood, concrete, natural stone and glass walls, which blend to express warmth in a modern space. The trims, ceilings, stairs, fireplace, kitchen, bath, and bath wall were intuitively sculpted on site; they are not just components of the house, but are expressions of a methodology of making.

The main fireplace hearth is made from polished formed concrete, and the mantel is a wall panel of polished concrete strips. The ceiling panels are made from African acacia hardwood. The staircase is a sculptural piece which fills the foyer and is the focal point as your enter the home. It is made from curved walnut and is capped with over 500 individually cut elements to create a seamless look. The full glass window wall in the family room/dining area open this space up to nature, creating a sense of calm and beauty.

In the end, the success of a project can be measured by how close you meet your client’s expectations…and in their words, “We have realized our dream, thank-you.”  To that we say, “You are welcome, enjoy your new home.”